The Team is owned and operated by the McClure Family. With their team, they have evolved into the leading online wholesale distributor of products ranging from coffee, teas, supplies, gourmet cakes, and chocolates. They also provide gift baskets carefully made and shipped right to your door! has a world-class team. Their attention to detail, along with the best customer service in the business, ensures them the success they are promised tomorrow. With high-quality products and prompt shipping; Ellie's team set out to ensure excellent customer satisfaction.

Miss Ellie's has contracted with the finest chefs and growers in the world.
Miss Ellie's brand is known for great quality products, and each order is shipped direct from the new climate controlled, state of the art warehouse in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

In addition to Miss Ellie's line of specialty products, has a full line of coffee and break-room supplies

Bill and Jammie McClure

Bill and Jammie McClure are the owners of Bill has many years of experience in finance and the technology growth industry.

Bill founded and was managing partner of the investment-banking firm, Amerimark Capital in Dallas, Texas in 1987. He later acquired UAF, Flowers and E in the early 90ís. These companies were headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Bill has been an active member of the Florida Chapter of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). In 2002, Bill, his son Mark and Chad Jaquays founded Traffic also headquartered in Tampa. Traffic was sold to Japanís and in 2007.

Jammie has a degree from the University of Arkansas in Education. She taught school and was a homemaker before joining the family business. She is now the matriarch and mother of this organization.

Bill and Jammie recognize all of the team members as operating partners. They believe that this outstanding team contributes in the company's ability to flourish and grow. They understand it could not happen without these highly committed and dedicated partners. Jammie enjoys the excitement of watching her children learn and grow in the business.

Bill and Jammie McClure

Ellie Glidewell, Managing Partner

Ellie, also known as Miss Ellie, is one of the three children mentioned who is a driving force in Ellie is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith with a degree in Elementary Education.

Before being approached by Bill to take over the warehouse, Ellie was happily teaching the fourth grade. After much deliberation, Ellie moved from the classroom to the warehouse and hasn't looked back.
Ellie is getting a fast education in what it takes to successfully run a national operation. She clearly understands the concept of giving back to those less fortunate. She puts in many volunteer hours with the Junior League of Fort Smith. She is currently working on a Junior League project that will raise over $100,000 dollars to put back into her community this year.

Ellie is focused on her goal to have customers come back through her ability to service them in a timely manner. She is intent on building a company culture for her team, so they have fun and look forward to coming to work. The year has gone by fast with Ellie and her team generating over 16,000 orders in the first six months of operation! 

Ellie Glidewell

Emmie Thomas, CFO and Accounting Partner

Emmie is one of the three children mentioned above. Emmie is the CFO for both and WCM Investment, Inc. Emmie has a BA in History from the University of Tennessee and has several years of experience in the accounting field.

In addition to her coffee duties, Emmie manages the corporate office to include all accounts payable, accounts receivables and payroll for all companies. She also oversees tribal and government communication. Emmie currently resides in Springdale where she commutes daily to Fort Smith.

Emmie Thomas

Alex Ahmad, Chief Technical Officer and Partner

Alex is the mastermind behind all technical development, order processing, web store and online advertising. Alex is the key to all marketing decisions and customer acquisition. He has a great talent in being able to transition from working the technical team to managing the cost and return on investment of all advertising programs.

Alex received his Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Arkansas where his focus was on Artificial Intelligence and Pervasive Computing. He has extensive knowledge and experience in Database Management Systems, Algorithms , and Programming. He was awarded an Academic Award in the year of 2007 from the University of Arkansas for working on steps toward pervasive computing.

Alex Ahmad

Mary Weisenfels, Creative and Graphics Partner

Mary is our creative genius who thinks and develops the online graphics. She is responsible for designing and printing the catalogs, marketing materials, and gift basket designs. She is at the top of the class in her field. She loves watching her creations produce results.

Mary received her Associate Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith. She has been with us for over a year now and continues to learn something new every day. Mary designed the logo for Miss Ellie's as well as for many other sites owned by WCM Investments, Inc. Before graduating school, Mary worked as a cookie cake decorator with Great American Cookie for seven years; this has helped her to develop her true calling as a Graphic Designer.

Mary Weisenfels

Customer Service Partner's

Sammie Perceful
Sammie Perceful
Shelly Cooper
Shelly Cooper
Sam Eacret
Sam Eacret
Leisha  Burford
Leisha Burford
Liz Roberts
Liz Roberts
Barbara Kelly
Barbara Kelly